Professor Andrew Green - Academic Leader


Academic Leader
Head of Marine Geology Research Unit                       



Office Block:

Office Nr 122

Block H1

Westville Campus




+27 31 260 7924

+27 31 260 2280 


Biographical sketch

Ever since my introduction to the ocean at the age of five, I have made it my life’s quest to spend as much time as possible in and around it. It was a natural choice to pursue a career in coastal and marine geology (NOT to be confused with marine biology). I hold an MSc degree in coastal geomorphology and a PhD in marine geology.  My PhD investigated the evolution of submarine canyons on the northeastern South African continental shelf, the aim of which was to understand the formative evolution of the habitat of the South African coelacanth. As a senior lecturer, I currently lead several research projects that relate to coastal and marine geology.  Whenever possible, I will take the opportunity to spend at least two hours per day fully immersed in the Indian Ocean studying nearshore sandbar-wave interactions. I have also been known to enjoy a glass of brandy or two around the holidays.


Professional Activities

    • Editorial board, Geo-Marine Letters
    • Society for Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists
    • International Association of Sedimentologists
    • Geological Society of South Africa
    • South African Geophysical Association
    • South African Association of Geomorphologists

    Current Teaching /Courses

    • GEOL304 Geology Field Module

    • GEOL310 Sedimentary Facies and Environments

    • GEOL702 Advanced Sedimentology and Basin Analysis


    Research Interests /Areas of Specialty

    Geomorphology, sedimentology and stratigraphy of coastal and marine environments:

    • Submarine canyons
    • Holocene sea level and shelf stratigraphy
    • Submerged shorelines
    • Incised valley systems
    • Extreme events and their record in coastal and marine sediments
    • Sequence stratigraphy of continental shelves
    • Estuarine and lagoonal geomorphology

    Current Research Projects

    • Submerged shorelines offshore KwaZulu-Natal
    • Incised valley systems of KwaZulu-Natal
    • Storm deposits on high-energy, rocky coastlines
    • Geomorphology of the Natal Valley and Mozambique Basin
    • Seismic and lithostratigraphic investigation of coastal waterbodies on the SE African coastline
    • Stable isotope records from coastal waterbodies on the SE African coastline
    • 2013 iSimangaliso Coelacanth expedition (Geosciences Leader)
    • Beachrock evolution and Holocene sea level fluctuations along the East coast of South Africa
    • Shelf archives of long term Holocene sedimentation (in conjunction with RAIN)
    • Carbon Dioxide sequestration in the Durban Basin
    • Extreme flooding in KwaZulu-Natal

    Academic Service

    • Honours coordinator


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