Professor Emmanuel John Muico Carranza




PhD (GIS-Based Mineral Potential Mapping)
Delft University of Technology

Office Block:

Block H1
Westville Campus



+27 31 260 2803

Biographical sketch

Prof John Carranza is BSc in geology (Philippines), MSc (with distinction) in mineral exploration (Netherlands), and PhD in GIS-based mineral potential mapping (Netherlands). His professional mission is to develop and disseminate expertise/knowledge in predicting mineral resources and geological hazards through understanding of relevant earth systems and application of GIS and earth observation. He has written and published a book on “Geochemical Anomaly and Mineral Prospectivity Mapping in GIS”.

Personal Quote

"Knowledge is useless unless we share it”.

Research Interests

    His research interests include (a) spatial mathematics/statistics for predictive modelling of mineral resources and geological hazards, (b) geochemistry for mineral exploration, ore genesis and geo-environmental studies, and (c) remote sensing for geological/mineral exploration.

    Recent Publications

    • Carranza, E.J.M., Haddad-Martim, P.M., de Souza Filho, C.R., Nagayoshi, K., Shimizu, I., 2019. Macro-scale ore-controlling faults revealed by micro-geochemical anomalies. Scientific Reports 9, 4410.

    • Carranza, E.J.M., 2018. Natural Resources Research Publications on Resourcing Future Generations, and Introduction of Papers in this Special Issue. Natural Resources Research 27, 125-141.

    • Carranza, E.J.M., 2017. Geochemical mineral exploration: should we use enrichment factors or log-ratios? Natural Resources Research 26, 411-428.

    • Carranza, E.J.M., Laborte, A.G., 2016. Data-driven predictive modeling of mineral prospectivity using Random Forests: a case study in Catanduanes Island (Philippines). Natural Resources Research 25, 35-50.

    • Carranza, E.J.M., Sadeghi, M., Billay, A., 2015. Predictive mapping of prospectivity for orogenic gold, Giyani greenstone belt (South Africa). Ore Geology Reviews 71, 703-718.