Ms Nonkululeko Dladla


Developmental Lecturer


MSc Geology (2013)
BSc (hons) Geological Sciences (2011)
BSc Geological Sciences (2010)

Office Block:

Geological Sciences
Room 111
Block H1
Westville Campus



+27 31 260 2801


Biographical sketch

I joined the University, as an undergraduate student, in 2008. I completed my BSc in Geological Sciences in 2010 and started doing honours in 2011. By the time I had finished honours, I had developed an interest in research, with a particular interest in Marine Geology.
In 2013, I completed an MSc in Geology, under the supervision of Prof A. Green. The research focused mainly on Incised Valley Systems on the Durban Continental Shelf. Beginning of 2014, I was appointed as a Developmental Lecturer in the School of AEES (Geological Sciences). I also registered for a PhD in the same year.

Academic Profile

Developmental lecturer (2014- present)

Current Teaching / courses

GEOL 200 (Field module)
GEOL 205 (Sedimentary Petrology)

Research Interests / areas of specialty

The sedimentology and stratigraphy of marine environments. Of particular interest is the evolution of incised valley systems.

Research Projects

PhD research focusing on the geomorphological and sedimentological evolution of Lake St. Lucia.


Benallack, K., Green a, A.N., Humphries, M.S., Cooper, J.A.G., Dladla, N.N., Finch, J.M. (2016). The stratigraphic evolution of a large back-barrier lagoon system with a non-migrating barrier. Mar. Geol. 379, 64–77.
Green, A.N., Dladla, N.N., Garlick, G.L. (2013). Spatial and temporal variations in incised valley systems from the Durban continental shelf, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Mar. Geol. 335, 148-161.