Dr Warwick Hastie




PhD, MSc, BSc

Office Block:

Block H1
Westville Campus



+27 31 260 2519


Biographical sketch

Dr Hastie teaches rock mechanics, rock engineering and an introductory course in mining. He holds a PhD in structural geology from UKZN, and is a member of the Geological Society of South Africa (GSSA). He has received three awards from the GSSA, including the Haughton Award (2006), Corstophine Medal (2009) and the John Handley Prize (2009) and has also held contract teaching positions at Mount Royal University (Canada). The overarching aim in his geological research is to better understand the myriad ways in which rocks deform and how this may impact society.

Personal Quote

"The average human life lasts about 28 000 days. What are you going to do today?".

Research Interests

    Structural geology, rock mechanics, deformation of rocks, microstructural processes, mechanics of igneous processes.

    Recent Publications

    • Hoyer L. and Hastie W.W. (accepted) Exposing superficial sills: Evidence of shallow intrusion from morphology, flow textures and syn-emplacement deformation. Journal of African Earth Sciences.

    • Hastie W.W., Watkeys M.K. and Smith A. (2019). Tectonic significance of the sedimentary and palaeocurrent record at the eastern edge of the Karoo Basin. Journal of African Earth Sciences. 158, doi.org/10.1016/j.jafrearsci.2019.103543.

    • Hastie W.W., Watkeys M.K. and Aubourg C. (2014). Magma flow in dyke swarms of the Karoo LIP: Implications for the mantle plume hypothesis. Gondwana Research. 25, 736–755.