Dr Lauren Hoyer




PhD Geological Sciences 
BSc Hons Geological Sciences 
BSc Geological Sciences 

Office Block:

Block H1
Westville Campus



+27 31 260 6313


Biographical sketch

Dr Hoyer pursued geology because of her desire to understand how the world worked. She feels privileged that she discovered the perfect science for her passions and is constantly learning about our dynamic planet and others in our solar system. She sees herself primarily as a field geologist and has great interest in a number of geological sub-disciplines.

Dr Hoyer's postgraduate research careef focused on structural geology, principally the intrusion mechanisms and magma flow dynamics of hypabyssal dolerite intrusion of the Karoo Large Igneous Province. Her research has evolved from this to encompass the fluid processes associated with dolerite intrusions and resulting hydrothermal vent complex formation. She is interested in the dynamics of fluid flow in the lithosphere and the effects of alteration on lithologies and ore deposits. .

Research Interests

    Structural geology, geodynamics, economic geology

    Recent Publications

    • Hoyer, L., Kattenhorn, S.A., Watkeys, M.K., 2014. Multistage evolution and variable motion history of Agenor Linea, Europa. Icarus, 232, 60-80. 

    • Hoyer, L., Watkeys, M.K., 2015. Assessing SPO techniques to constrain magma flow: examples from sills of the Karoo Igneous Province, South Africa. Tectonophysics, 656, 61-73. 

    • Hoyer, L., Watkeys, M.K., 2016. Breccia formation during intrusion of a dolerite sill: an example from Sheffield Beach. South Africa Journal of Geology, 119, 663-676. 

    • Hoyer L., Watkeys, M.K., 2017. Using magma flow indicators to infer flow dynamics in sills. Journal of Structural Geology, 96, 161-175.